Grass-fed Beef

Our herd of Randall Lineback and Dexter cattle are raised year-round on pasture. They receive no antibiotics or hormones. Once butchered, the meat is dry-aged to enhance flavor and tenderness.

HerdShare Program

Our farm is excited to offer its grass-fed beef through a HerdShare program. Members sign up to receive a monthly subscription of beef for a period of six months. Monthly shares include: steaks, meat/kabobs, roasts, and ground beef.

HerdShare (~5 lbs. of beef/month for 6 months): $250

There are two subscription periods each year: October-March and April-September.

Interested in signing up? Fill out this order form return it to us with the allotted payment.

Interested in hosting a pick up site in your neighborhood? Contact us.

Want more meat? Consider buying more than one share. Two HerdShares over 12 months is about equal to a quarter of beef.

Beef Sampler Boxes

Beef Sampler Box: $180

A 20 lb. box of assorted meat cuts vacuum wrapped (i.e. steaks, stew meat/kabobs, roasts, ground beef). We choose the cuts. This takes up the space of one milk crate.

Ground Beef Box: $150

 A 20 lb. box of ground beef, in 1 lb. packages.

Individual Cuts                            Price/lb.

Ground Beef                                    $8.00

Porterhouse                                     $16.00

T-Bone                                            $15.00

Sirloin Steak                                    $12.00

Club Rib Steak                                $15.00

Top Round Steak                            $12.00

Stew Meat                                       $9.00

Short Ribs                                       $7.00

Sirloin Tip Roast                              $9.00

Rump Roast                                    $9.00

Brisket                                             $9.00

Flank                                               $9.00

Shank                                              $7.00

Tail                                                  $7.00

Soup Bones                                     $3.00

Heart                                               $4.00

Liver                                                $4.00

Prices subject to change without notice.