Our Mission

We work to conserve, rejuvenate, and enhance the agricultural landscape while providing fresh, healthy food to the local community.

More about the farmers:

Will McGee has roamed the territory of the sugar maple from western Pennsylvania to Northern Maine learning and honing the skills of farmer and woodsman. He has worked on grass fed dairies, grown vegetables, trimmed trees and horse feet, done horselogging and picked apples on this journey to owning a family farm. Now armed with a Permaculture Design certificate, a mighty hammer, a fine axe, a sharp shovel and a whet scythe he is excited to work with our land base, animal herds, trees, herbs, and grass leys to facilitate synergistic, symphonic phases of food abundance and fun.

Gretchen Oat was born and raised in southeastern Connecticut. After graduating from college, she decided it was time for some exploring and began a series of travels that would take her to the far-off reaches of Madagascar and South America. Inspired by rural living and the beauty of this great big earth of ours, she served as a beekeeper and agriculture extensionist with the Peace Corps in Paraguay, completed bio-dynamic agriculture training at the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY, and worked as a medicine maker at Avena Botanicals in West Rockport, ME. A gardener and animal lover at heart, she's excited to be tending our herd of Randall Lineback cattle and strategizing forage systems for our Gloucestershire Old Spot cross pigs.

What is an ecological farm?

We have trained and worked on farms and in gardens that practice organic, bio-dynamic, and permaculture techniques. On our farm, we are creating biologically diverse and sustainable systems, incorporating animals, plants, micro-biota, minerals and more, promoting regenerative, resilient, synergistic, symphonic expressions of life- all while producing great tasting, nutritious food! Join us for a farm tour or contact us with your questions.

What is a MemberShare program (PorkShare, HerdShare)?

A MemberShare program consists of a group of individuals and families who pledge to support a farm operation. This provides the farmer with working capital to cover anticipated (and sometimes unanticipated!) costs of the farm operation. In exchange, members receive a share of the farm products. With the PorkShare program, this will be an monthly allottment of pastured pork. With the HerdShare program, this will be a half or whole grass-fed beef at the end of the season. 

More questions? Please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!